LEVY 10 uur geleden
que chimba
Oteoporosis Vu
Oteoporosis Vu 10 uur geleden
Damn, what a great song. Su voice is so good.
xgc_darkrise 10 uur geleden
3:17 metal vocalists when they acting silly
Caspel 10 uur geleden
I didn't even know that gigachad existed in real life, the name of the person is Ernest Khalimov
Darius Cahyadi
Darius Cahyadi 10 uur geleden
Why does the guy singing look like one of the guys in the big bang theory
Александр Климов
Александр Климов 10 uur geleden
Tea Time and True Crime
Tea Time and True Crime 10 uur geleden
4:59 onwards.....I have no words
Теодор Флоров
Теодор Флоров 10 uur geleden
Ð0MεNic0 Ezİ0 MαNciNi
Ð0MεNic0 Ezİ0 MαNciNi 10 uur geleden
Average "average Vs average meme" fan Vs Average "came here for a jam" enjoyer
LEVY 10 uur geleden
que chimba hp!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tea Time and True Crime
Tea Time and True Crime 10 uur geleden
I get goosebumps everytime I hear it
Grubieł 11 uur geleden
Jak to totalny sztos jest
Sai Devilish
Sai Devilish 11 uur geleden
Почему я не слышал эту песню 7 лет назад? :0
Tom 11 uur geleden
if you're not watching this in 144p, you're doing it wrong.
zoram thang
zoram thang 11 uur geleden
Ангелина Щеголева
Ангелина Щеголева 11 uur geleden
Моё сердечко ❤🥲
Muhamad rizky
Muhamad rizky 11 uur geleden
Amazinggg oliv
Kenaj Kenajovski
Kenaj Kenajovski 11 uur geleden
Average Spotify fan vs Average NLfast enjoyer
UnholyEgg432 11 uur geleden
When your an average enjoyer.
Krolshi 12 uur geleden
I’ve been waiting for this and yet am late, won’t stop me from blasting though ❤️🔥
gimouragix 12 uur geleden
Cringe depressed teenage can you feel my heart listener VS Based chad can you feel my heart enjoyer
Amul4ik YT
Amul4ik YT 12 uur geleden
I study in Russia, and I constantly turn on this song with my headphones on, because I want to cry from nostalgia ... I love this song ...
Wilton Piguave
Wilton Piguave 12 uur geleden
no estoy bn y eso no esta bn, no atravesarias el lago y me llevarias de nuevo a casa 😊
satan watched
satan watched 12 uur geleden
punk/rock music was a lot better before music videos
Martian Ju Ju
Martian Ju Ju 12 uur geleden
Average memes vs Average Gigachad memes
Michelle 12 uur geleden
You can run but you can't hide - Funtime Freddy
Just Normal Gaming
Just Normal Gaming 13 uur geleden
Im a song enjoyer : D
Clara 2020
Clara 2020 13 uur geleden
miyori 13 uur geleden
Ali Angel
Ali Angel 13 uur geleden
There was no other way, the world had to be fixed
Daffa Ramadhan
Daffa Ramadhan 13 uur geleden
Daffa Ramadhan
Daffa Ramadhan 13 uur geleden
Malware 13 uur geleden
William.G_420 13 uur geleden
Iván Diaz
Iván Diaz 13 uur geleden
Ken yu tel for du lukinor ais 😎
Patryk Ka
Patryk Ka 13 uur geleden
Salis 13 uur geleden
Welcome, average BMTH enjoyers.
Luka B
Luka B 14 uur geleden
Average gatekeeper crybaby saying they knew the song before and are "not like the others" fan vs Average I heard of this song over a meme and liked it enjoyer
vain 14 uur geleden
Does anyone know how the comment section was before the meme?
ichi top
ichi top 14 uur geleden
this song, just the best
Sponge coke Pickled cheese
Sponge coke Pickled cheese 14 uur geleden
I love how this song got more views than the amount subscribes
Sponge coke Pickled cheese
Sponge coke Pickled cheese 14 uur geleden
Average Chad meme fan Average Bring me the horizon song enjoyer
Marquard Meiring
Marquard Meiring 14 uur geleden
Go go Powerrangers!
Marquard Meiring
Marquard Meiring 14 uur geleden
Do I hear some Mick Gordon in this?
N I C C 15 uur geleden
Avarage 0:15 fan vs avarage 0:49 enjoyer
buffy 15 uur geleden
iulzii, de irina rimes glish
buffy 15 uur geleden
buffy 15 uur geleden
imi place the simpsomns
buffy 15 uur geleden
fa, vezi ti de cutia ta si aia si bobita permită a ta ca te cauta au ratasau drarele sau rip soukss
Chiwank Gila
Chiwank Gila 15 uur geleden
Easy Rock
Tarsut Atsushi
Tarsut Atsushi 15 uur geleden
Tarsut Atsushi
Tarsut Atsushi 15 uur geleden
- nemoníaco
- nemoníaco 15 uur geleden
Kept You Waiting Huh?
RedBull GivesYouFeet
RedBull GivesYouFeet 15 uur geleden
Count Your Blessings tho
Zach Martirez
Zach Martirez 15 uur geleden
Mega Chad brought me here.
THENOOB GG 16 uur geleden
summer 16 uur geleden
Good song 🖤
ᴀ ᴊ
ᴀ ᴊ 16 uur geleden
I came for the meme, but this song so damn cool
Ihsan Maulana
Ihsan Maulana 16 uur geleden
ngl this is actually really good
Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker 16 uur geleden
In his stripe sweater, the metal Steve without his blue.
its a me Mario!
its a me Mario! 16 uur geleden
Sometimes memes bring me good songs i never knew about lol
fuso119 16 uur geleden
Average Bring Me The Horizon fan VS Average 0:15 to 0:30 enjoyer
Edmund Dantes
Edmund Dantes 17 uur geleden
Lucifer's Joint
Lucifer's Joint 17 uur geleden
This music video absolutely ruined this song for me...
synthes 17 uur geleden
Bring Me The Horizon wondering why there's a sudden spike in views.
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 17 uur geleden
0:16 no need to thank me
hanis hamdan
hanis hamdan 17 uur geleden
tiktok kids: thats the tiktok song
Bautista Martín Sanchez
Bautista Martín Sanchez 18 uur geleden
0:08 what i see?? amaterasu???
Valentina Policani
Valentina Policani 18 uur geleden
is really nobody going to talk about the back to the future reference?????
Richy Mtt
Richy Mtt 18 uur geleden
Yo vine por el fondo de los memes xd
Gabriel Aragón
Gabriel Aragón 17 uur geleden
Alguien sabe el nombre del modelo ese mamadisimo? Xd
Tomas_Tkd 18 uur geleden
Exactamente XD
Valery Cruz
Valery Cruz 18 uur geleden
This is fucking bonker
Hitler 9000
Hitler 9000 18 uur geleden
He got molested by his uncle ☹
Coups Chi
Coups Chi 18 uur geleden
Does anyone know where his pink shirt is from?
Vava Muharva
Vava Muharva 18 uur geleden
Lets Headbang Togheter !!!!
Charmy The Charizard
Charmy The Charizard 18 uur geleden
Average "who's here from the meme?" fan vs. Average "I discovered this from the meme, but I like it unironically" enjoyer.
jungkook's left eye
jungkook's left eye 18 uur geleden
ppl like this song bc of tiktok but i like it bc a emo phase
iago -
iago - 19 uur geleden
the chad
Aqua Davis
Aqua Davis 19 uur geleden
Only Legend Know This Song before it Being a meme🔥
FLAMEBERGE. 19 uur geleden
when youre telling your opinion and then an handsome man with an amazing jawline just stands there smiling