Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 3 uur geleden
10k dislike avarage fans 😏
Егор Кундуев
Егор Кундуев 3 uur geleden
avarge enjoyer
Djamka Daudova
Djamka Daudova 3 uur geleden
The best song ♥
The Alien Tree
The Alien Tree 4 uur geleden
Average DMCA the memes fan vs. Average finding the original music to enjoy and support the original creators enjoyer.
Larii King
Larii King 4 uur geleden
У меня есть какая песня которую звонят по телефону она очень классная бренд
Anime 958
Anime 958 4 uur geleden
Like si hablas español y te encanta la canción :3
Rayssa Alves
Rayssa Alves 4 uur geleden
"Você pode escutar meu coração?.."
Exodia 4 uur geleden
SMIG64 // Noob productions
SMIG64 // Noob productions 5 uur geleden
Average meme fan Average og enjoyer of this song
MrWeeboo 2 uur geleden
DelterNinjas Aka PsychoMantor
DelterNinjas Aka PsychoMantor 5 uur geleden
We got an Average fan and we got an average enjoyer
Yoel Rumapea
Yoel Rumapea 5 uur geleden
"I don't know what hurts the most, holdin on or lettin go" Damn
Герман Яцко
Герман Яцко 5 uur geleden
Хороший клип с глубоким смыслом... Полный грусти и печали...
hola yoga
hola yoga 5 uur geleden
sick dude👽
Liam Wood
Liam Wood 6 uur geleden
Been listening since Suicide Season, they’ve never been better. Unmatched development 💯
25' 6 uur geleden
69 million i-😩✋🏻
K.O-_-SL4Y3R FF YT 6 uur geleden
Blue Apple And Orange
Blue Apple And Orange 7 uur geleden
Parth Chaturvedi
Parth Chaturvedi 7 uur geleden
i thought this was the theme for an anime or something
Astrology Manipur
Astrology Manipur 7 uur geleden
need a music video
Prayoga Sungkowo
Prayoga Sungkowo 7 uur geleden
Average Phil mahar enjoyer:
B!tch 7 uur geleden
Starting to love BMTH more and more.
Anggie Agnesta
Anggie Agnesta 7 uur geleden
They're so young omg
。。 8 uur geleden
。。 8 uur geleden
DDan 8 uur geleden
Ah yes the *GIGACHAD* song
nienke huijbens
nienke huijbens 8 uur geleden
So.. why is this a meme now?
ke loli
ke loli 8 uur geleden
Discord meme
Арсений Кикишвили
Арсений Кикишвили 8 uur geleden
Пов : ты пришёл с тиктока
Ŝl·åvÿãʼnĭń 8 uur geleden
Хапх, тут не все такие, например это песня моего детства)
James King
James King 8 uur geleden
this shit relates to my life so much right now
Liam Nair
Liam Nair 9 uur geleden
Average Fan Of rock music: 👨‍🦲 Average enjoyer of rock music: *Gigachad intensifies*
Deltoren1 9 uur geleden
And so my search for the intro of this song and it’s sound continues
Betrand hatori
Betrand hatori 9 uur geleden
Kangen masa scream 15 tahun yg lalu
gullible 9 uur geleden
Average me enjoying this: Average you enjoying this:
Kiên Hoàng
Kiên Hoàng 9 uur geleden
Giga chad
KapalShiuu 9 uur geleden
2:25 "This is Sandpit Turtle" "This is Simp Eternal" "This is Sick Potato" "This is Epic Tunnel" Continue down below👇
Kroksis XD
Kroksis XD 10 uur geleden
I've listened to this song for over 2 years and it's a meme lol
anjay lur
anjay lur 10 uur geleden
found this song by meme enjoyers
epico 10 uur geleden
I´m virgin
John Blockchain
John Blockchain 10 uur geleden
So who is still listening to this in 1997?
Zombified 10 uur geleden
That’s the Spirit Oli was him in his ultimate form.
SemiaPlayz Official
SemiaPlayz Official 10 uur geleden
My country is not an average fan of this song therefore i needed to use a vpn to see this masterpiece
Gilbert Donell Chen
Gilbert Donell Chen 5 uur geleden
damn bro, that must suck
iqbal helmi
iqbal helmi 10 uur geleden
No rating lol
ppp 11 uur geleden
10k dislikes are from average youtube fans. 1M likes are from average youtube enjoyers
Allan 11 uur geleden
Bendito sea el gigachad, amén.
JvstBadZ 11 uur geleden
We did it boys, giga chad remix
J Dogg
J Dogg 11 uur geleden
Love this band!
Kanana 11 uur geleden
69M views N i c e
Wireless Fridge
Wireless Fridge 11 uur geleden
Anyone listening in 2013?
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 11 uur geleden
Average german empire fan vs average prussia enjoyer
Mithat Can Çamur
Mithat Can Çamur 12 uur geleden
Average rebellious teen vs average system enjoyer
Thunder Cloud
Thunder Cloud 12 uur geleden
If you play the song on 2x, the beat sounds really cool
Haidar Khairy
Haidar Khairy 12 uur geleden
Yepexo M
Yepexo M 13 uur geleden
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 13 uur geleden
Nice 69 million views
Zihemo 04
Zihemo 04 13 uur geleden
1:31 konosuba
Asiyaplays 13 uur geleden
Teachers : What kinda trip you guys tryna go on ? Bmth : ACID :)
Ana Zoe Cruz
Ana Zoe Cruz 14 uur geleden
I love this song with all my heart, it makes me feel something that no one has ever make me feel, it makes me feel so alive
cirsd gam gammer
cirsd gam gammer 14 uur geleden
the 10K dislikes are the avarage fans
El hermano de super crackteo
El hermano de super crackteo 14 uur geleden
Caballeros, Este es y siempre será considerado el himno oficial del Giga Chad 🤟
Joseh Smith
Joseh Smith 15 uur geleden
Me in jail vibing to this song on the radio
Er I
Er I 15 uur geleden
BMTH selalu di hati ❤️
Manuel Ignacio Oliver Saavedra Castillo
Manuel Ignacio Oliver Saavedra Castillo 15 uur geleden
No escribas el cuarto episodio
Manuel Ignacio Oliver Saavedra Castillo
Manuel Ignacio Oliver Saavedra Castillo 15 uur geleden
De Dios a Semidios a Pan, a amenaza de lanzarlo de Semidios a Dios
Manuel Ignacio Oliver Saavedra Castillo
Manuel Ignacio Oliver Saavedra Castillo 15 uur geleden
Lo olvidé
AMIX 15 uur geleden
Average Enjoyer Commenters 80% Average Music Commenters 20%
Chad 16 uur geleden
King Bagni
King Bagni 16 uur geleden
FlixTV 16 uur geleden
Los errores te hacen más fuertes Dios después de crear a windygirk :
Kasee Hall
Kasee Hall 16 uur geleden
It's funny to me. As an emo teenager in high school, I was the one kid who hated BMTH, and my best friend and I made fun of Oli Sykes. Now, as a 28 year old adult, Oli Sykes might be the one person I relate to most. And appreciate the most.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 16 uur geleden
Καλε γτ μοιάζει με τον Lynx ο φροντμαν😱
HanaShiisai 16 uur geleden
i always come back from time to time to this masterpiece , never got enough.
Человек 17 uur geleden
Anthony Gabriel
Anthony Gabriel 17 uur geleden
É, tu me encontrou de volta. Eu não sei o que tem rolado por aí, se tu tá bem ou não, mas saiba que eu estou, saiba que as coisas tem progredido, aos poucos, mas tem. Eu ainda te amo pra caralho, e saiba que, desde aquele dia que eu tinha ido na tua casa, minha alma já tinha se decidido a passar o resto da existência dela ao teu lado. Espero que quando isso que tá rolando passar, voltemos mais fortes do que nunca. Eu te amo, chatinha.
Иди От-Сюда
Иди От-Сюда 17 uur geleden
Rj Pellegrino Studio
Rj Pellegrino Studio 18 uur geleden
Amazing song! Parasite eveee!
Arty Musoke
Arty Musoke 18 uur geleden
Hella fire track...nw ima spend the next hour looking for me Rock Remixes...
MourningStar 18 uur geleden
You're **Clear** & that means I can see right thru your bs.
goodiesohhi 18 uur geleden
Looks like I'm not the first one who hears Linkin Park.
Yunda nanda Eka kharisma
Yunda nanda Eka kharisma 18 uur geleden
Joe Courtney mercer
Joe Courtney mercer 18 uur geleden
Best song ever I'm an emo and I paint my nails black 😂🤣😂 I fuckin love this song bring me the horizon thank you I live each day living with my mental health and this song cure's my mental health and depression every time I listen to it I put my headphones on in my room and vape on my box mod cloud chaser vape at 125watts so thank you ❤️ to the whole band🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🥁🥁🥁🎤🎤🎤🎤
Celina Garcia
Celina Garcia 18 uur geleden
I had to go on yt to listen to this because my spotify ain’t working 😾
salma badawy
salma badawy 18 uur geleden
this song is literal perfection i feel bad for ppl who didnt find it yet