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Music video by Bring Me The Horizon performing 12BMTHS2-making of the video-.mp4. (C) 2020 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

tri wahyu budi utomo
tri wahyu budi utomo 2 maanden geleden
4:42 Hilarious! Everytime :D
Ross Woods
Ross Woods 2 maanden geleden
Where can I get that black hat?
Gabs 3 maanden geleden
the fact that masks are inspired by tokyo ghoul makes me so happy. fav band for years + anime 🤩
Paguyuban Mendang Mending Indonesia
Paguyuban Mendang Mending Indonesia 3 maanden geleden
J K 3 maanden geleden
damn straight work of genius and love to see how much is put into the videos and everything underappreciated
IY 4 maanden geleden
Even more of an masterpiece now.
hooray 4 maanden geleden
when i first see the music video, i thought it's some high budget production wow
Michelle R
Michelle R 5 maanden geleden
I wish they said who made the 3D models :( i'm trying to figure it out
Retro Fury
Retro Fury 5 maanden geleden
This band is so creative it's unreal.
Crust-BZH 5 maanden geleden
With my best friend have take our places to come and see you in london from france. So excited !!
ConArdist 5 maanden geleden
Oh shit! I have that sexy ass art print! But it wasn’t signed😢
Rizalalf 5 maanden geleden
0:55 Kaneki Ken is one of the mask inspiration... So cool.
Sadiq Aminu
Sadiq Aminu 6 maanden geleden
Dude, Oli is so coool
x Rokai
x Rokai 6 maanden geleden
Sooo it's not based on the video game? 🤔
Kim Yee
Kim Yee 6 maanden geleden
Well just think things could be worse. In America things are just jacked. Hearing your voices talking kinda bums me out. My daughter had an online relationship that started at about 13. 3 years later since they were in love his mom brought him here so they could meet each other. His mom was awesome and got a little attached. Because shit is more expensive their we took care of the next trip so they could be here for for the July 4th for the holiday lol 😆. It’s when America got its independence from England. Big fireworks holiday but it’s still funny. They were going to come back for Christmas but shit went to hell, 4 months after Dec well they called it quits but he’s her first love and other in addition to other things 15-16 year olds should not have done, but I was still attached so it sucks cause I miss them. But that’s the way it happens sometimes 😢. She was cutting for a while and he got her to stop, well I never new until after she stopped so I worry ALOT. Now shit really sucks she super introverted and covid just justifies it. At least she has a job and she didn’t get pregnant and everyone is healthy. I hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe and well. Their is some music that is meant for greatness and the what you all create fits that category. A collaboration with Aj Channer (FIRE FROM THE GODS) or MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN (TOOL) would be phenomenal. I cannot even imagine what that would sound like. It would definitely be New. People compare Fire from the gods to Seven Dust but I do not agree.
Karen Becerra Ayala
Karen Becerra Ayala 7 maanden geleden
Nishant Man Singh
Nishant Man Singh 7 maanden geleden
pass0z 7 maanden geleden
iae oliver, copiou o meu estilo hahaha
x_enli 8 maanden geleden
Spoon 8 maanden geleden
Ollie likes anime hmmmmmmmm
Jay Stott
Jay Stott 8 maanden geleden
4.40 oil has a hat on how do I get hold of that hat 👀👀👀👀
James Edmonds
James Edmonds 8 maanden geleden
The video freaked me out so much the first time I saw it I didn’t listen to the song for like two weeks, finally listened to it again properly and it blew my mind how good it was and haven’t been able to stop listening since
Karen Von Guten
Karen Von Guten 8 maanden geleden
There BETTER be an album.
Steven Baskara
Steven Baskara 8 maanden geleden
4:30 backsound like Bittersweet Symphony opening
ElMadeSinInternet 9 maanden geleden
Wow oli is otaku xd
Tommy George
Tommy George 9 maanden geleden
So they filmed vegan for it but I literally never saw him in the video. I saw Lee, but not vegan
James Hardy
James Hardy 9 maanden geleden
Shadow Moses: Metal Gear Reference. Parasite Eve: Metal Gear V Reference . These Guys Are Smart
Jonny Yayo
Jonny Yayo 6 maanden geleden
I thought it was a parasite Eve reference. But MGSV does have parasites too lol
achess 9 maanden geleden
when I heard him say Tokyo Ghoul is was like I knew I fucking recognized something! Parasite Eve is my new favourite song just from listening for the first 60 seconds
TOVA 9 maanden geleden
WHEN WE FORGET THE INFECTION, WILL WE REMEMBER THE LESSON?! .... ANyone else pissed off that the world starts to reopen and society seems to forget what they've learnt and continue to mass consume and litter?!
F B I 9 maanden geleden
I want one of thiose masks
mishakarelin 9 maanden geleden
'Parasite Eve' in "Peaky Blinders" on my channel Check it out and enjoy the video, thanks! :)
Fay Faizal
Fay Faizal 9 maanden geleden
Andre Lam
Andre Lam 9 maanden geleden
I'm so proud of the boys. Insane song and video
Yuliia Ch
Yuliia Ch 9 maanden geleden
I didn't know you like Tokyo Ghoul. Wow, it made my eyes wet for some reason)) Parasite Eve is really cool, I love it!
dandylion16 9 maanden geleden
Oli truly is an artist, and it's become so much more apparent as he's gotten older and matured. I had no idea he was so involved with the ideas of the videos. (All of the videos for amo are amazing and have made my top lists.) But he better not put anymore tattoos on that beautiful face!
natalia 9 maanden geleden
ryan aries
ryan aries 9 maanden geleden
wow minimum resources yet great result! actually i love the result so much
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 9 maanden geleden
Why does oli look like a tatted-up version of killem?? Is it just me or does anybody see that??
Rey Lo
Rey Lo 9 maanden geleden
This makes me love it even more thats super badass they did it all the way they wanted. Effects cool 😎
Eric hill
Eric hill 9 maanden geleden
Hellblade is the sniz
Wellingthon Oliveira
Wellingthon Oliveira 9 maanden geleden
Oli edited the music video? what? really?
Craig Stuart
Craig Stuart 9 maanden geleden
I really want to know what lights they were using in this video... Great stuff!
Rise 0720
Rise 0720 9 maanden geleden
Krony Merakam
Krony Merakam 9 maanden geleden
Anybody can tell me what the frame rate they using to get that effect?
Jeffry 9 maanden geleden
I'm scary monster
Clint Newman jr.
Clint Newman jr. 9 maanden geleden
Believe me we all enjoyed it oli
ed rage
ed rage 9 maanden geleden
video making is more interesting than the piece of shit single
aidan starr
aidan starr 9 maanden geleden
blackface lol???
hds 9 maanden geleden
loved these series sm thank you for showing us the process of making such a great song guys! hope we'll see some more, your creativity is amazing
sansan 9 maanden geleden
tokyo ghoul is cool
Mama Myra
Mama Myra 9 maanden geleden
Paul Martocci-smale
Paul Martocci-smale 9 maanden geleden
Ollie is such a cool dude...
guywithFX 9 maanden geleden
I dig how this is able to capture how critical the band is to the creative effects and aesthetics that tied the song to together with the video. Ollie really knows his shit and how to depict his dreams and relay that to designers. Super cool, keep it up gang.
emyF 9 maanden geleden
I feel rock/metal bands etc are truly artists in n out.. they dont just sing n go home but get involved with directing music videos sometimes n writes most of their music/lyrics. Oli even edited the m.v. Its far more than what mainstream singers do.. who barely writes their own lyrics except for ed sheran, sia etc
schokowrap _
schokowrap _ 9 maanden geleden
i looove love loove the song and the video!^^
MrMinusguy 9 maanden geleden
What? I actually thought the whole video was 3D animation.
carrot 9 maanden geleden
i’ve always wondered if they hear Morgz screaming for his youtube videos from their houses.
Kai Jaro
Kai Jaro 9 maanden geleden
The music video was already cool. Seeing the making of the video made it even cooler.
Pojan Luiz
Pojan Luiz 9 maanden geleden
yeah olie....we fckin enjoyed it
SiMON 9 maanden geleden
2:09 sounds like Arthur Shelby
Cj Clary
Cj Clary 9 maanden geleden
Dude I fucking love this song and the video! I thought shadow Moses was my favorite but this one is definitely my favorite video so far. So sick keep up the work guys 😎🤙🏻
Forside 9 maanden geleden
Ave SzatAniA
Ave SzatAniA 9 maanden geleden
Polish fans fell in love with "Parasite Eve" ❤️🐛
Nacho Canet
Nacho Canet 9 maanden geleden
Fucking amazing video. Lot of time since a video surprise me this way. LOVE IT!
Dayfer 9 maanden geleden
I wonder if Cyberpunk 2077 will inspire them even MORE to the dystopian vibes that the world is kind of leaning towards
AmberGail White
AmberGail White 9 maanden geleden
❤️❤️❤️ I can't tell you how much I love that smile. I love love love you in everywhereness
Erick Duenas
Erick Duenas 9 maanden geleden
❤this was so cool to watch and know how things were done❤
Félix-Antoine Gagnon
Félix-Antoine Gagnon 9 maanden geleden
Biggest W of 2020 fr
Ben Duke
Ben Duke 9 maanden geleden
That orchestral bit at the end sounds insane 😍
wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN
wanakmalarief WAN ABD RAHMAN 9 maanden geleden
Wait so oli does bmth video editing too?
Sarah Ecklid
Sarah Ecklid 9 maanden geleden
This is rad! Right on ❤
Ian Caleb
Ian Caleb 9 maanden geleden
this was genius
Krishna Attili
Krishna Attili 9 maanden geleden
This song should be the official song for Venom 2
Viktor Vasilev
Viktor Vasilev 9 maanden geleden
BEST VIDEO EVER GJ OLI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BandomTranslationTH 9 maanden geleden
I like how Oli has been browsing and reposting fanarts and eventually got one to draw the concept art for him. Check out @babibanshii on instagram. That's Cassidy he referred to. Their art is so sick!
Elegant James
Elegant James 9 maanden geleden
I know I'm more than happy with the song BMTH. I have it on rotation all day lol. I can't wait for more like this. I know it all won't be like this on all 4 EPs but still this was amazing.
gia ginanjar
gia ginanjar 9 maanden geleden
Fancismile Noah
Fancismile Noah 9 maanden geleden
L. Goedert
L. Goedert 9 maanden geleden
OMG! I Love the music Video! Such a amazing Team ^^ You‘r inspiring !
Yuichi Sevilla
Yuichi Sevilla 9 maanden geleden
When oli says he is a fan of Tokyo Ghoul
Flora passang lama
Flora passang lama 9 maanden geleden
That's too cool horrofic idea🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻💓💓🌩️🌩️🌩️🌩️😈
hunter WAR
hunter WAR 9 maanden geleden
Marcia Condori
Marcia Condori 9 maanden geleden
Oliver sikes :v
Crazyredpanda404 9 maanden geleden
Venom and Kaneki hmmm.... those mask though and how they were in the video were creepy but in the kind of way that you can’t take your eyes off of them for a second at all
ShockHs 9 maanden geleden
Oliver give me a t-shirt please ;w;
mattia 88
mattia 88 9 maanden geleden
We love the song, we love the video and we love BMTH.
Faisal Alireza
Faisal Alireza 9 maanden geleden
Bruh your artwork is on point Shout out to manbearpigman
Dabinuss 9 maanden geleden
anyone knows what theese lights are called? wanna have them
Aimee Aztec
Aimee Aztec 9 maanden geleden
It’s a brilliant vid-song ! I love it!❤️🐰❤️🥕🥕🥕🌈🌈🌈
Brandon McComsey
Brandon McComsey 9 maanden geleden
One of their lowest budgeted videos yet I honestly feel this is easily one of their top videos ever. Dont @ me.
Detektiv Odyvan
Detektiv Odyvan 9 maanden geleden
Ураа!!! Лена из России
Moodsw7ng 9 maanden geleden
who is vegan that trapped in LA?
Ucok Ganteng
Ucok Ganteng 9 maanden geleden
Matt Kean dia bucin jadi ada di LA.
Drummer gdaff
Drummer gdaff 9 maanden geleden
It fucking rips
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams 9 maanden geleden
Fucking awesome work! Its very cool to see some of the tricks you used to make the video. Really good stuff.
odjob360 9 maanden geleden
Oh... was she 6 feet away putting that makeup on you?
Maßkrug 9 maanden geleden
Oli said in 2018, "I went to Barnsley College after school to study media; I wanted to be a film director or something like that."
Rizky Fathur
Rizky Fathur 9 maanden geleden
oli wibu njir aowkaowk
Jack Heaffey
Jack Heaffey 9 maanden geleden
2:09 He sounds like one of the Peaky Fookin Blinders
Sam Hardaker
Sam Hardaker 9 maanden geleden
I love the amount of creativity Oli puts into the video art
Christene Jewn
Christene Jewn 9 maanden geleden
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