Bring Me The Horizon - Obey with YUNGBLUD (Making Of The Video)

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Bring Me The Horizon - Obey with YUNGBLUD (Making Of The Video)
POST HUMAN : SURVIVAL HORROR - the new album out now:
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shot and edited by brian cox

Sasha Medea
Sasha Medea 2 dagen geleden
he said "traumatised for breakfast", oh shit this is dear diary bruh.
Worthy 5 dagen geleden
4:25 - 4:55 🔥
Nukie 677
Nukie 677 9 dagen geleden
javiera ramirez
javiera ramirez 12 dagen geleden
i love how allisa is on everything, she is so cute and love it!! and the work of everyone is amazing!!!
Marzouq Khan
Marzouq Khan 13 dagen geleden
Poor cameras
Deadidolizedpoet 14 dagen geleden
Collab with worthy artists.. not trash
Jacob Bridges
Jacob Bridges 24 dagen geleden
This song goes hard asf from the badass drum lines to the heavy guttural guitars and the bass rumbling in the back ground
5 seconda summah_XD
5 seconda summah_XD 25 dagen geleden
“I HoPe yOu alL fInD anGEr iN thIS tUNe” 😂😂 I do babi 🖤🖤
Colin Stevenson
Colin Stevenson 25 dagen geleden
Yung Blud literally fucking ruins everything he touches.
omg stop talking like rn
omg stop talking like rn 26 dagen geleden
The drawings are godly
サイSaiori Maand geleden
Nobody: Oli and Dom: D'you kno wha' I mean?
Captain Zest
Captain Zest Maand geleden
Hmm would that really be an agreement lol?
Enzo Paz
Enzo Paz Maand geleden
Horacio y Gustabo? Xd
gachi Maand geleden
VirtualGobllim47 2 maanden geleden
this sounded a bit anticapitalistic, me likey
kyle w
kyle w 2 maanden geleden
Traumatized for breakfast dear diary anyone??
Daniela Carrera
Daniela Carrera 2 maanden geleden
Damn....Dom is handsome....
Mr.TriggyBoi 2 maanden geleden
"you can have a say, you dont have to obey"
Crystal Litchfield
Crystal Litchfield 3 maanden geleden
I think of behind the scenes as a small glimpse into what a few cameras can actually do. Then I think, these are punk/ rock bands that we are allowed to see. Then I think.,,.. what else are we NOT seeing. Probably nuts and said too much 😬
Trinity Henry
Trinity Henry 3 maanden geleden
Valeria 3 maanden geleden
I'll always love how intimidating both oli and dom look while presenting and doing music stuff and irl they're both huge dorks, esp oli is so soft spoken like you could never expect that
-Always Changing-
-Always Changing- 3 maanden geleden
“Scene 31 done.” “How many left?” “A million”
Andris Gusman
Andris Gusman 3 maanden geleden
Just Some Guy Who Lost His Mustache
Just Some Guy Who Lost His Mustache 3 maanden geleden
*My man got dem light so bright innit, eg?*
Наталья Валиева
Наталья Валиева 3 maanden geleden
0:19 а зачем это делать? Я не понимаю в чем здесь задумка😂
CasioRobinson 4 maanden geleden
1:56 - Yungblud has seizure 1:58 - Oli wondering if he should take Dom to the doctor about it
Noxyro 4 maanden geleden
Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace 4 maanden geleden
The Yorkshire energy is THROUGH THE ROOF
Spring_ 4 maanden geleden
When yungblood said Scott pilgrim, my fucking face glowed like a child
Jordan Hance
Jordan Hance 4 maanden geleden
Yungblud is truly the epitome of what's wrong with this generation
Scarlet Serenity
Scarlet Serenity 4 maanden geleden
JB 4 maanden geleden
Yung blood looks like an extremely annoying bluepilled dude
BaseGamer HD
BaseGamer HD 4 maanden geleden
i enjoy this song more and more now its like a worm in my ear.. and i get so pumped when i hear this song amazing work guys aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaziiiiing
IY 4 maanden geleden
Never realized the robot faces were actually their own faces. Such hidden gems.
Skye Fire
Skye Fire 4 maanden geleden
This is the collab I needed in my life
Matt Guts
Matt Guts 4 maanden geleden
traumatised for breakfast - nice dear diary callout. love it.
Bhc Christenay
Bhc Christenay 4 maanden geleden
I love this music vid dom looks hot-🖤🖤
Sage Valentine
Sage Valentine 4 maanden geleden
This is awesome!
Panni Andor
Panni Andor 5 maanden geleden
Fernfung -
Fernfung - 5 maanden geleden
Eszter Tóth
Eszter Tóth 5 maanden geleden
"I'm not panicking, apparantly it's not my job to panic. The directore doesn't panic. The producer Panics." - Oli Skyes 2020. September 16.
Syntios McMyers
Syntios McMyers 5 maanden geleden
I wonder what the camera man is thinking when rec up close shots
Nathalie _
Nathalie _ 5 maanden geleden
I loveee this collab. It’s so cool to see a band that’s been around welcome other artists into the scene. LOVE THIS SONG, and love what it represents. Keep it up 🥰
yutro213 5 maanden geleden
This "YUNGBLUD" reminds me of the late Keith Flint. I wonder if he is a fan of Keith?
Scotty B
Scotty B 5 maanden geleden
You're from the UK... Yes, you do have to obey.
connor Mann
connor Mann 5 maanden geleden
for some reason i greatly enjoyed watching Oli throw himself into a wall for 15 seconds straight
Angell Mello
Angell Mello 5 maanden geleden
I cried watching the clip of this musy dude. 🇧🇷 ♥ ️
STELLY 5 maanden geleden
Punkstar & rockstar = ❤
Fruits Xoxo
Fruits Xoxo 5 maanden geleden
Lmao anyone else notice the dear diary reference there “traumatised for breakfast” pls I screamed :D
Wolfinstine Zolev
Wolfinstine Zolev 5 maanden geleden
Oli lowkey chunk in that chair tho
fabnsass 5 maanden geleden
I love them both so much!
biscuit _
biscuit _ 5 maanden geleden
the most northern music video set of all time
Lyan K
Lyan K 5 maanden geleden
oh, i thought they were inside the robots.
chotiwit musikathat
chotiwit musikathat 5 maanden geleden
Shay Diamond
Shay Diamond 5 maanden geleden
"basically traumatized for breakfast these days" god i love ollie
Nestor Martinez
Nestor Martinez 5 maanden geleden
I don't like this song but for oliver I can see again and agan. Thanks for you music
tatarin198 5 maanden geleden
Ieuan Slocombe
Ieuan Slocombe 5 maanden geleden
The makeup on oil’s eye looks really cool
Someone 5 maanden geleden
more important than watching how its made (which is interesting) is hearing them explain the meaning they wanted to convey! great message for the generation that will change everything whether the older ones like it or not :)
Jewellab0113 5 maanden geleden
"Traumatized for breakfast" the best quote by Oli, sums up 2020 perfect 👌 🤣
Zee The G Shep
Zee The G Shep 5 maanden geleden
Yungblud is fucking genius on this track tbh
Timsal 5 maanden geleden
Why I was sure these robots are CGI?? I loved it anyway but the fact that they are real people in costumes makes it like 1000 times better
Genta Adietya niagara
Genta Adietya niagara 5 maanden geleden
I love hes accent
gabriela mejia
gabriela mejia 5 maanden geleden
I mean i def see the power ranger villain thing going on
darksepher 5 maanden geleden
5:29 .....ok I could have sworn that was Brienne Tarth when I first watched this.
おうしゅう 5 maanden geleden
Dafne Hernandez Orozco
Dafne Hernandez Orozco 5 maanden geleden
Christopher Alan GH
Christopher Alan GH 5 maanden geleden
The Antarctica Project
The Antarctica Project 5 maanden geleden
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 5 maanden geleden
I'm sorry but you didn't need a fight coordinator
Anton Eriksson
Anton Eriksson 5 maanden geleden
Isosceles 5 maanden geleden
So dope the way everything comes together. Art of music
Brit Chić
Brit Chić 5 maanden geleden
Patrick M
Patrick M 5 maanden geleden
Lmao at the fight coordinator calling yungblood "her"
잔나비 세실
잔나비 세실 2 maanden geleden
I think the person inside the robot is a girl, that's why he said 'her'
PhantomZAKU 5 maanden geleden
Hold up...was that the tall chick from GoT in the robot suit? (Sorry, forgot the actress’s name)
JohnyOwl 5 maanden geleden
Hey guys, awesome job and love the message you both are sending. Definitely a good one.
Juan Henriquezz
Juan Henriquezz 5 maanden geleden
I hope they make a music video with Babymetal and show us the "Making the video" 🙌
Stenley Davidson David
Stenley Davidson David 6 maanden geleden
Matt Vinas
Matt Vinas 6 maanden geleden
Trop de cocaïne sur ce plateau 🤣😂🤣😂
Aurora Malloy
Aurora Malloy 6 maanden geleden
love this!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa Eyelish Cagnong
Alyssa Eyelish Cagnong 6 maanden geleden
i was waitin' for the kiss LMAO GRDGHIUF
Yoga Aji
Yoga Aji 6 maanden geleden
at least he can dance
Erika Mars
Erika Mars 6 maanden geleden
best video and song of the year, HELL YEAH
StevieCzykPN 6 maanden geleden
Yungblud’s interpretation of the song was, like, way off.. anybody else catch that? I mean, I know art is meant to be taken how you want to but Oli even explained it.
skate Hardcore
skate Hardcore 6 maanden geleden
Oli sikes gay tis
Pája.184 6 maanden geleden
And where is a kiss? xD
Lol Cake
Lol Cake 6 maanden geleden
Ju lien
Ju lien 6 maanden geleden
"The director doesn't panic, the producer panics." Man, you're a good singer, I like your songs all that. But don't expect us to believe that you have any idea what a stressful job is like. You also have no idea what it's like to work 70 hours a week and earn 600 euros a month. Stop taking all those pimply-faced teenagers for idiots.
Ju lien
Ju lien 6 maanden geleden
@alex smith Hum okay When you've been through hard times, you don't whine about your fate on clips, when you end up earning thousands of dollars for nothing...go back to your mud hole.
alex smith
alex smith 6 maanden geleden
A bitter comment much. He’s just referring to keeping on schedule for the video shoot (jokingly might I add). Ollie has worked very hard to get where he is. Also what do you know about his life? Before starting BMTH I’m sure he worked a normal job like most of us. Honestly man, no need for pointless negativity.
Paolo Castillo
Paolo Castillo 6 maanden geleden
Abigail’s Leo
Abigail’s Leo 6 maanden geleden
I love the way Dom said “where comin to get ya “
Fajar Setia
Fajar Setia 6 maanden geleden
Where's the song don't go ft lights?
Alchemist 6 maanden geleden
0:30 ASMR?
jazmin yanara
jazmin yanara 6 maanden geleden
Sarah M
Sarah M 6 maanden geleden
5:29 Brienne of Tarth is that you??
lucien ne
lucien ne 6 maanden geleden
wawa kotes
wawa kotes 6 maanden geleden
Oliver pliece dont you tattos in face .thanks
Leah 6 maanden geleden
The fact that they're wearing masks was not expected but I admire that
chookymonster666 6 maanden geleden
Is that captain phasma?
Pumpkin Spice Deodorant
Pumpkin Spice Deodorant 6 maanden geleden
so...the robots WEREN’T gay??? *disappointed noises*
Space Cat
Space Cat 6 maanden geleden
Wouldn't everyone to be in a robot siut and in the little box with the lights
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